Online Security Center

See how AppCashUsa secures your sensitive data and what you can do to maintain a safe online browsing experience.

How we keep your information safe.

AppCashUsa asks for personal information when you apply in order for us to verify your identity. Before sharing your sensitive personal information, it’s always a good idea to make sure any company is reputable and trustworthy. We take the responsibility to provide the safest lending experience seriously.

Data Safety and Online Fraud Prevention Guidelines.

You can help keep yourself even more secure by following these guidelines.

Never pay in advance for the promise of a loan.

Never make any payments over the phone unless the details of your original loan can be confirmed.

Never send money to anyone if you don’t recall taking a loan from them.

Do not provide personal information in response to an unsolicited or suspicious text message, email or call.

Never give out personal information if you cannot identify the identity of the person contacting you.

If any caller starts making violent threats, end the call.

Security FAQs.

How do I create a strong password?

How do I recognize and prevent social engineering attacks?

How can I protect my devices?

What’s the best way to browse securely?

Avoid fraudulent business practices.

Advance-Fee Loan Scam

How do I recognize and prevent social engineering attacks?

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